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Happy Day Preschool LLC - Child Care | Shelton, CT Preschool

Policies and Procedures


Registration Fee

A non-refundable $50.00 registration fee must accompany your application which does not apply toward your tuition. Also due at the time of registration is a one-week tuition deposit which will be applied toward your child's last week at Happy Day Preschool LLC.



Daycare tuition is due each Friday, one week in advance, or monthly, in advance.

Payment is late if not received by Monday, and a late charge of $5.00 will be assessed.

There will be a $25.00 penalty for bounced checks.


Late Fee

A late fee will be charged if a child is picked up after closing time.



For full-time students only (32 hours or more per week). There will be an allowance of one week without charge per year (from the month your child begins school until one year later - not

calendar year).



Two weeks written notice is required for all withdrawals or two week's tuition payment will be required.



Full tuition is due for holidays (rates have been calculated to accommodate holiday closings).



Full tuition is due for absence related to illness. There will be no interruption of payment for illness, emergency closings or absence from school. We ask that you notify the school in the event your child contracts a contagious illness and make other arrangements for his/her care until the danger to other children has passed.


Discipline Policy

The protection and welfare of all children enrolled in Happy Day Preschool LLC will be maintained at all times. All discipline methods used with children must guarantee the child's right for physical protection and emotional support. Our guidance is preventative, not punishing. Our teachers set limits which are developmentally appropriate and enforce them consistently and serve as role models. All appropriate behavior is encouraged and praised and courtesy and respect for others is modeled. Our teachers are trained in positive discipline techniques and use this approach as it keeps the child's self-esteem intact. We refrain from humiliating children or making comparisons to others.


Health Policy

Happy Day Preschool LLC is a well-child care facility. We do understand that noses constantly flow, but be certain that you child is well enough to participate fully in our program, including outdoor activities. You, as a parent, expect Happy Day Preschool LLC to be a learning center full of wonderful activities and experiences. You have chosen us over a center that merely cares for your child's physical needs. If you child has diarrhea, vomiting or a fever of 101 degrees or higher, they must remain out of school for 24 hours after all symptoms have subsided. Your cooperation of this matter is appreciated, as it is our goal to keep Happy Day Preschool LLC a safe, healthy and fun place to be.


Lunches and Snacks

We will provide nutritional snacks throughout the school day, but we do ask the students bring a lunch and drinks daily, accompanied with a cold pack. Less emphasis on sweets is recommended. If your child has any dietary allergies, please notify the school.


Expulsion Policy

Happy Day Preschool LLC reserves the right to terminate a child's placement if it is determined that the program is not meeting the child's needs and/or if the child's presence jeopardizes the safety and well-being of others. Parents of the child will be notified in writing and copies of documentation will be kept on file. Staff will communicate with parents in an attempt to work together to resolve the issues. If the issues are not resolved after appropriate steps have been taken, a 30-day notice of termination

will be given.


Snow Policy

We do not follow the Shelton public school schedule in regard to weather delays or cancellations. If Happy Day Preschool LLC is cancelled or has a delayed opening due to inclement weather, Channel 8 News or WTNH.com will have that information. The scheduled time for delayed opening is 9:00 a.m.


Nut-Free Policy

Happy Day Preschool LLC is considered a "nut-free" school. "Nut Free" means eliminating all sources of nuts and/or peanut products.

Programs like swim lessons and karate are offered throughout the day here at the attached community center, so you can have your child entertained without having to take them elsewhere upon picking them up!

Our location is open 52 weeks a year.

Experienced Staff You Can Trust

Happy Day Preschool LLC was founded in 1979 by Cynthia Tonucci, a dedicated early childhood professional committed to creating a welcoming environment for young children. All teachers on staff are professionally trained and experienced in the field of early childhood education, and are selected for their special abilities to care for, relate to, and teach children.


Staff members are certified in pediatric first aid and CPR and are authorized to give out medications with doctor's permission. We also employ a registered nurse on staff.